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      As you are probably aware, I have been appointed to Cincinnati City Council to fill the unexpired term of my husband, former Councilmember Cecil Thomas. I was selected by his designee’s, Councilmembers Wendell Young and Yvette Simpson.  According to the City Charter, I now have to run in November to win the seat outright.

      In 2012, I ran for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts and received over 70% of the vote in the city. I am confident that many of those supporters will again cast their ballot on my behalf and I will retain the seat vacated by my husband.  Since my appointment on April 17, my first order of business is to meet with each member of Council and key administrators. It is important for me to listen to their perspectives on key issues before making any major decisions. As an ombudsman and certified mediator, I recognize the importance of gathering information and listening to all points of view.  This approach has always served me well, as I believe in making the most informed decisions based on the facts and not speculation. My decisions will be solely based on what is in the best interests of the entire city.

      I am excited about the current momentum and growth of the City and will use my professional skills and talents to work in partnership with all members of Council and the City Administration to continue that momentum. I have a Master’s Degree in Business, graduating summa cum laude from Sullivan University, and a Sociology Degree from the University of Cincinnati. My more than 35 years of government service to the City of Cincinnati and a wealth of life experiences will serve me well in making the critical decisions regarding the budget.  I possess the necessary maturity, experience, leadership and relevant skill set required to garner support and balance our budget in order to keep Cincinnati moving forward.

      In order to win in November and continue to serve Cincinnati for the next four years, I need your financial support.  Please consider contributing any amount, up to a maximum of $1,100.00 for individuals and $2,700.00 for PACs and other organizations. Remember, it takes money to run a successful campaign, so your donation is the lifeblood of this effort.  You can donate by mail at 515 Clinton Springs Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45217 or online at


      Pam Thomas  

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Citizens for Thomas,
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4896 Reading Road,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Phone: 513-371-6474

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515 Clinton Springs Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45217
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